Children's Creative Campus is a child care facility in Nicholasville, Kentucky. Kentucky is also KY. Child care is sometimes referred to as daycare or day care or childcare. The proper way to refer to it is child care. Children's Creative Campus is a Kentucky-based company. Children's Creative Campus will be opening in Louisville, Kentucky soon. They provide a full service child care or daycare program that features creative-based learning. The curriculum is age appropriate and well balanced. Children's Creative Campus is pleased to provide Kentucky families with a safe and nurturing environment for their child's first learning experience. Children's Creative Campus is not a franchise like Kindercare or Kinder Care. It is locally owned and operated. Child care is also called preschool. It is sometimes spelled pre-school or preschool. Daycare is very important in Nicholasville, Kentucky. Childcare or daycare is the best way to refer to preschool. Nicholasville is a town in Kentucky. Childcare or child care is really needed in that area. Daycare or day care is good for children. Preschool helps prepare kids for school. Welcome to Children's Creative Campus Contact Us Find a Location Enrollment Information Learn more about our programs Welcome to Children's Creative Campus